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Health, Wellness, and Life Skills for Youth and Their Families.

I offer a fun, personalized experience to help kids develop confidence in their ability to make healthy choices.  Courses range from nutrition to media literacy to self-care and beyond.

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Amanda Brentlinger Thomas

I like to make change happen. I love to teach children about how capable they are of making change happen in their own lives and in the world. Whether teaching about food and healthy choices or teaching how to navigate through the propaganda thrown their direction, I believe that each bit of empowering information leads to change for the better. I have an M.S. in community health education and a B.S. in holistic health and nutrition. I have spent most of the last decade developing and teaching curricula for youth and family community health programs. I have developed programs to empower youth in under-served communities to take control of their health and to enlighten the adults in their lives. I've had the opportunity to help children and adults learn about the prevention and reversal of chronic health issues and feel more capable in the face of confusing health information. I’m a very enthusiastic and animated teacher. I believe it’s easier to retain information when it is hands-on and fun. I’m notorious for creating weird ways to remember tricky information (goofy rhymes or even whacky dances) and for extending learning with strange facts. It is amazing to see young people feel strong and capable in their lives. I feel so fortunate to be part of that process!

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